Management Consultant Mike EldonI was brought up in London but I have been happily settled in Nairobi since 1977.

In 1994 I founded The DEPOT (The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow), a living memorial to my late son Dan, which started as an outdoor experiential learning centre for young people, focused on team building and leadership. Ten years ago, when I phased out of the IT industry that had occupied my life until then, we developed The DEPOT into a fully-fledged management consulting firm, although we continue revealing the potential of young people.

Our mission is to help organisations of all kinds – public and private sector, international and local, large and small – to live their visions and their values, devise and implement strategic plans, and align their energies to achieve what they never thought they could. We facilitate retreats on strategy development, culture strengthening and other themes; advise on performance management, staff and customer engagement, innovation and other topics; and one of the most satisfying aspect of our work is executive coaching.