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How To Professionalize Family Businesses

Become A Better Leader KE | @becomeabetterleaderke

Family businesses are the growth engines of the country GDP, contributing significantly to the development of the society, the economy and generating employment as well.

At the same time, due to their unique competencies, deep rooted spirit of entrepreneurship and relationships, the family businesses are the most complex form of organizations.

Ownership, leadership, succession, governance, talent management are some of the common challenges faced by any family business.

With the increase in the family members and complexities in the relationships, along with business demands, the process of professionalizing the family business is must to move to the next level.

Family forums, family council, family meetings and other governance structures are a great platform supporting the transition process.

It’s the preparedness of the family members and the clarity of the business leader which decides the smoothness of the transition.

Cultivating Healthy Values In The Workplace~ Mike Eldon, Founder The Depot

KTN Home | May 11, 2022

Mike Eldon listed 9th of the top 25 most influential chair of boards Impacting business in Kenya

Business Monthly EA Edition

What is chocking Kenyan universities?

KTN Morning Prime | Dec 17, 2021

Interview on the senate stalemate over the county revenue allocation formula

Report by Jack Ohito Radio Mikayi | Aug 18, 2020

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Radio Mikayi Interview on Social Cohesion

Part 1

Radio Mikayi Interview on Social Cohesion

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Promotion for a talk I’ll be giving at the ICPAK ANNUAL GOVERNANCE & ETHICS CONFERENCE on March 27-29, 2019 in Mombasa.

AM Live Leadership Forum – Why leaders fail

Live to inspire and motivate: The elements of transformational leadership

This week’s edition of the “Leadership Forum” focuses on transformational leadership, what it entails and ho it can be harnessed to positively influence the world we live in today and inspire the next generation of leaders. Debarl Inea is joined by Dr. Wale Akinyemi, Mike Eldon and Oliver Kisaka.

What it takes to develop leadership character in Kenya and Africa

This week’s edition of the “Leadership Forum” focuses on developing leadership character in the wake of an outcry over poor leadership in the country and the African continent at large. Debarl Inea is joined in studio to discuss this issue with Mike Eldon, Wainaina Gitoru, Calisto Odede, Catherine Musakali and George Njenga.

State of the economy: Kenya’s debt burden & the future of banking

Debarl Inea is joined by Mike Eldon, Gabriel Negatu, Aly-Khan Satchu, Habil Olaka & James Mureu to discuss various aspects of the state of the economy.

Who owns Kenya: 900 new dollar millionaires created in 2016 despite hard economic times

Kenya created 900 dollar millionaires in 2016, according to a new report that points to the fact that hard economic times that prevailed in the year did not slow down wealth accumulation. Is that wealth trickling down to the common man and are government policies skewed in favour of a few? Debarl Inea speaks to Mike Eldon, Nderitu Muriithi, Mbiu Wagacha and James Mureu.

Money or leadership: Why do many Kenyans want to be a MCA?

The Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission is staring at a monumental task as the number of aspirants for the six elective seats inches closer to 40,000, thrice the figure in 2013. This rise is attributed largely to the Member of the County Assembly position. Is it the call of leadership or the lure of money driving this? Debarl Inea speaks to Mike Eldon, Nderitu Muriithi, Mbiu Wagacha and James Mureu.

Have a Good Time Doing Good Things

A talk on Engage with Mike Eldon

Mike Eldon talks about the inspiration by his late son Dan to bring the DEPOT to life.

Engage provides a platform for ordinary and extraordinary people to Inform. Inspire. Influence.

Do Kenyan businesses have to steal from government to do business?

More Taxes? How else can KRA meet its revenue targets for the budget.

Money or service: The reason behind running as an independent in Kenya

Unemployment crisis: Jubilee falls further from 1 million jobs target

Do you think there is political goodwill by African leaders to empower the youth?

Mike Eldon on Capital Talk with Jeff Koinange.

In this interview, Mike has a discussion with Jeff Koinange about the book Kenyans, Yes, We Can.

Hobbit in the Closet

Did you ever wonder what Mike Eldon actually does in Kenya? Watch Mike’s grandson Jack explain…

The Scoop Episode 11: Mike Eldon

An interview with Salim Amin.

Interview at Nation Television breakfast show.

In this interview, Mike talks about his book, Kenyans, Yes We Can