Management Consulting

Image of Management Consultant Mike Eldon

Mike Eldon as facilitator

In my management consulting I engage in culture strengthening, leadership development, strategy, performance management, talent management, facilitation and executive coaching.

I and my DEPOT colleagues work with corporates, government, multilateral bodies, social enterprises, and also with young people and with communities. We help them build, share and live their vision and values. We facilitate them to align and realise their energy, so they can have a good time doing good things.

Our work, mainly in Kenya, but elsewhere around the region and beyond, includes:

Facilitating retreats – enjoyable and high impact ones – in areas that include strategy development, culture strengthening, and alignment between departments &/or levels:

      • Showing organisations how to implement performance management systems that work really well (unlike most… which do not!) We work with the balanced scorecard, appraisal systems, and other human and technical aspects of such systems.
      • Transformative leadership and change management – how to make it happen. Really.
      • Helping clients do a great job managing talent – attracting, developing and retaining good people.
      • Executive coaching of senior executives – and so transforming their confidence and effectiveness (See brochure)
      • Caring for customers – internal and external.
        • Mike Eldon giving a speech at the 25th anniversary of AITEC in Nairobi. Mike received an ICT Lifetime Award that evening.

      • Developing Emotional Intelligence.

      We see organisational transformation as requiring a tailored ongoing process, and we like to keep things simple. Our clients love what we do, and many enjoy long term relationships with us.

      I have also made myself available for other kinds of consulting assignments, for instance one for GTZ (now GIZ) that analysed how to stimulate public-private partnerships in Kenya. Another, also with the support of GIZ and in conjunction with Stepwise Management of Germany, involved running Cohesion Leadership Circles, in support of the work of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission. I was asked to write a policy paper on Public-Private Dialogue for the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and KEPSA (funded by UNDP); and currently we are engaged in a fascinating Performance Management for Results programme for Kenya’s national and county governments – complete with technology support for dashboards and scorecards.

      Finally, I undertake speaking engagements on topics where I am not completely ignorant.